Your Mission

Aloha! As a licensed massage therapist at Hawaiian Experience Spa, you will expertly provide a variety of  treatments for the spa’s clients. Your mission at the spa is to make your client’s happy. To allow you to focus on this mission, you do not have any additional responsibilities like folding laundry or cleaning (you do empty the trash in your room, and a few very minor things like that).


To qualify, you must be a non-smoker, in good physical condition (you will not be able to provide the Lomi Lomi if you are not), have a positive attitude and be a great LMT. With that being said, being a great LMT does not mean that you have to have a great deal or even any experience.  It all comes down to whether or not the client’s love your treatments (this is determined very quickly from client feedback). In fact, we do not require a practical during the interview process, because it is not our opinion of your style that matters…it only matters how the clients feel.

By hiring all levels of massage therapists, we end up with a more diverse and a better ‘ohana (literally it means family, but we use it to refer to our employees to signify how we feel about them).

The Hawaiian Experience Spa Differenace

Hawaiian Experience Spa focuses on creating the best working environment possible for its massage therapists, so that you may focus on doing what you do best…taking care of your clients.

This ideology allows us to build and maintain a superior group of LMTs. This in turn creates a better working environment for everyone, leading to better experiences for our customers. Hawaiian Experience Spa is a drama-free workplace, where you can enjoy every day and grow as a person.

The spa offers a cornucopia of treatments and packages to address any need. Treatments range from traditional, Temple-Style, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, to medical-level massage therapy, to more traditional spa treatments for relaxation and stress.

Industry Leading Benefits include:

  • Competitive starting pay based on shifts, training and experience
  • Excellent gratuity consistently averaging $20 per hour
  • Up to 5 weeks paid vacation
  • Employer sponsored IRA plan
  • Medical insurance (if you are full-time, we pay for half of it)
  • 12 paid CEU credits per year
  • Free use of the far infrared sauna and steam room
  • $60 minute treatments for only $15
  • Competitive starting pay based on shifts, training and experience
  • Excellent gratuity consistently averaging $20 per hour
  • Automatic annual raises
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Freedom: You work certain shifts at the spa, but you only have to come in for appointments and do not have any other duties (such as laundry, cleaning, etc.). We respect you and we respect your time.
  • Ability to check your schedule, payroll and other items online, from anywhere, at any-time.
  • Free use of the facilities and spa supplies to provide treatments to your friends, family, etc.*
  • Free, progressive training in Lomi Lomi massage, as well as, scrubs, wraps and hot stone massage, if needed
  • Many opportunities for advancement, from being a lead trainer to being a spa manager

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About Hawaiian Experience Spa

Aloha and mahalo for your interest in career opportunities at Hawaiian Experience Spa in the Phoenix, AZ area. We welcome applicants of any age (over 18), race, or sexual identity. All we want are people who are friendly, who work hard and who want to have a great day at work. You spend a lot of time at work, it should be somewhere you enjoy to be.

Working at Hawaiian Experience Spa is more than just coming to work and earning a paycheck, it is about being part of a family (‘ohana). One of the core underlying principals of our spa is to make Hawaiian Experience Spa the best place to work in the nation. We believe in caring for everyone in the ‘ohana like family. This is the main reason to work at the spa. You should work somewhere that you enjoy working, feel cared about and feel like you are making a contribution.

With that being said, the spa also offers a competitive benefits package for all of its ‘ohana, regardless of the position and how many hours you work, the benefits are the same. These include progressive benefits and policies such as FIVE WEEKS VACATION (including part time staff), paid CE’s, medical insurance, automatic raises, and much, much more.