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The Hidden Messengers: How the Endocrines, Chakras and Elements Communicate to Control Your Health

June 21, 2018 @ 9:00 am - June 22, 2018 @ 5:00 pm


Who Can Attend
Certified reflexologists; massage therapists with at least an introductory level of reflexology education (2+ days) and experience practicing. (This is not a basic reflexology training.)

RAC: 7 ★ ARCB: 14 ★ NCBTMB: 14 ★ Florida: 16 ★ Georgia: 14

Karen Ball

$250 USD. SAVE $75 when combined with Chronic Foot Pain in Waterloo.

In Chinese medicine, the endocrine system is referred to as the Wheel of Life, since it controls homeostasis in the body, and is closely aligned with the seven major chakra wheels and nerve plexuses. Together with the nervous system, it controls communication in the body; the nervous system presiding over the immediate transmission of information and the endocrines the slower and longer lasting messengers of truth.

Because the endocrines are deeply embedded in the body, they cannot be palpated through massage; however, they can be influenced through reflexology. They are profoundly affected by the subtle movement of the chakras and the five Chinese elements of wood, fire, water, metal, and earth.

You will leave this workshop with the ability to:
★ create and deliver a customized foot and/or hand reflexology session to support clients with endocrine, element and chakra imbalances.
★ determine your clients’ imbalances within the seven major chakras, the five Chinese elements and seven endocrine glands.
★ practice two important self-care techniques to add into your clinical day to open and protect your own wheel of life.

In this experiential workshop you will learn:
★ why endocrine reflexes and chakra points require different hands-on approaches
★ the location of the endocrine glands in the body, the hormones they produce and for what purpose
★ to locate and palpate the endocrine reflexes in the feet and hands
★ pathologies of the endocrine system and how to create customized reflexology sessions for each
★ how your clients’ emotions reveal which element is out of balance
★ which organs and systems each of the five Chinese elements govern
★ the nourishing and controlling cycles of the elements
★ to locate the seven chakras in the body, and the two primary chakras on the hands and the feet.

You will be given a manual and client forms to use in your own clinical practice.

Contact: karen@academyofancientreflexology.com


Breslau Mennonite Church
226 Woolwich Street
Breslau, Ontario N0B 1M0 Canada
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